Share Hands

My sexy, beardy friend Lyle and I have started a new album review blog.

We both buy a nice cheap CD and review it the following weekend. That simple.

So far there are four reviews published, and another two coming this weekend. You can find them here.

Please have a read, and thanks!


All Together

God I’m so indecisive!

A friend once said to me, “You know you’re going to miss normal writing”, after I made the decision to blog only in haiku. He was right. Except, it’s not that I miss normal writing. I just get bored doing only one thing. This may seem obvious, but my brain is so weirdly ordered that I have to stick to one way of doing something.

This ordered curse brings my desire to start a new blog every time I change something – I’ve been pretty good lately at restraining. Only one new blog in about a year and a half. Woohoo!

With some thought I have concluded that my blog should decribe me as me now. Whenever I want to change the way I express myself I should just do it… here. A blog isn’t just a hub to publish some stories for people to read. It’s a way I can look back and remember what I was like back when.

That is what I’ll do.