Too Late To Unpack

I recently went on holiday with my girlfriend. Genetically, the first thing I did was inspect how the shower works, and asked what the deal was with the internet. It was during this moment of ‘taking control’, that I got ambushed.

After I felt secure that the following morning would be hassle free on the hot water front, I went to unpack my suitcase to find that the girlfriend had taken all the drawer and cupboard space.

This is a common problem I have when I pack up and go somewhere. Clothes is always my last thought. I would even consider it the least important part of the trip. The crazy durations that I am able to live out of a rug sack has become an in-joke amongst family members, but something I’m genuinely proud about. This means though that when I’m trying to deal with stupid issues that can wait until the next day, she’s thinking of the long term. Hanging up her best, and placing t-shirts in drawers. I on the other hand spent every morning pulling out a new set of clothes from my suitcase like some magician.