Traffic Lights

I stand at the crossing, waiting for the lights to change from green, to amber, to red.

Two women stand at the bus stop. A little further down the road from me, but on the same side. They stand in silence, but I know they are friends. Maybe it’s their similar styled rain jackets that give it away. It is not raining.

A man runs across the road near where the two women stand. He is wearing a white jacket, with a hood that stays up against all wind resistance. He is running from the local supermarket. All his items are in a bag, therfore I assume he did not steal. I should never assume. He runs past the bus stop and presumable home.

Cars race past me, hoping not to be caught out by the pending traffic light change. Each front seat passenger stares at me, and occasionally the driver – glad to be sitting inside.

The lights change from green, to amber, to red.


You Are An Atom

The argument between an ending friendship.

The corrupt route to success.

The determination for a lonely discovery.

The dissatisfied father, trying to show that his own dreams were the best.

We are nothing but a pale blue pixel in a black universe.

Yet everything is so significant.